I’m back…….

and we have just had the most marvellous time you could imagine in the Scilly Isles. This picture was taken from Cromwell’s Castle on the Isle of Tresco.
I’ve also got some fabbie things I picked up ready to turn into stamp designs – we’ve found a new manufacturer for our rubber at a more competitive price – so watch this space!
I’ll post some more pictures later on, but I need to pack for Lydia to go away again today, get tons of washing done, some admin and pack some orders that came in whilst we were away.
Laters peeps.

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  1. Petra

    I used to _love_ visiting Cromwell’s Castle when I was a kid. When we left the Scillies, we took a set of place mats with us, and I always fought with my sister to be the one to eat dinner off the mat with Cromwell’s Castle. She usually had to put up with Sunset over Samson. LOL! Kids, eh? Who’d be one…

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