is finally being screened on BBC One on Sunday at 21.00 pm. I am in a frenzy of excitement.

It seems like ages ago David filmed this drama for Tiger Aspect [clue!!]. He plays Alan Hamilton a married man who gets run over by a car after a drink with work colleagues. How will his on-screen wife Tricia [clue!!] cope with it all, and the changes in her beloved husband?

I’m sure many parts of this will be harrowing, especially for anyone that has had a close encounter with brain injuries (and their effects on both patient and family)..but one thing is for sure there are not many actors that could do this part such brilliant justice. You will definitely need your tissues.

David spent time with the Brain Injury Charity, Headway in Essex before filming, and I believe may now well be Patron.

If you are wondering about the [clue!!] bits: I’m feeling generous and helping out the UK STampers girls with their pre-birthday game. I accept that they might not have the encyclopedic knowledge of Mr T that I do (they actually have lives!).

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