Eye Candy …….does the sole good………

Mr Tennant looking very foxy in Episode 6 of Blackpool. Ohhhh, it does a girl good to watch him!

We’ve been rushing around all over the shop today, buying ink cartridges, flowers, booze, and other random stuff …. oh, and an underwater camera for madam’s photography dive tomorrow.

In a short while family and friends are descending on us, for late lunch/early supper in celebration of Lydia’s 9th Birthday – which was yesterday. Really looking to munching into the Power Rangers cake that she’s decided upon.

I’ve just picked up another couple of submission to the UK STampers Newsletter (Intensive Rubber Therapy), and am just about to finish off a further piece for that myself. I also need to track down a mermaid stamp, but I can’t find one….so maybe will just go vintage instead.

Right off to baste the ham………….

Galaxy Girl

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