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Sorry my posting is late today………..

I had huge amounts of orders to pack this morning, and I simply ran out of time.

I’ve been working from homes this afternoon, I got done what needed to be done IFYKWIM, and then have cleaned Minkey bedroom from top to bottom – including throwing out loads of stuff, clothes, etc. I think we have reached the stage in her life when fiddly toys are less important – we have NOT reached the happy stage where cuddly things are less important sadly (and quite frankly I seriously doubt if that will ever be the case), but the fiddly Polly Pocket things are lessening.

The room really looks quite grown up now!

I have really got to hit my studio, as it is now impossible to move for paperwork that needs to be done (dealt with), products that need to be put away, stamps that need to be mounted and organised, and stamps to sort out that have been mounted, and are lurking in the many baskets they currently call home.

I need to sort out some kind of effective stock control package, as the online shop if fine, but it can’t answer questions that the Accountant keeps asking me. I am thinking of Quick Books at the mo, as Sage I feel is a wee bit expensive.

My UK STamper CJ went off to Harpie38 today, unfortunately the camera was playing up, and I was short of time, so I didn’t get a chance to take a picture. I have left a pleading note on the thread to ask if he will take a picture for me, and as he’s a sweetie, I’m sure I’ll get my wish!!!!!!

The Western CJ arrived from Flo today, and boy is it lovely. I can’t wait to do something in it.

Talking of CJ’s UK STamper’s second CJ list is now open, as some of the girls missed the first one, and we have more members now. So as soon as the first one is over (or before if it gets signed up quickly), I will be starting another one – think I might do a lunch tin – a la Fairy.

From Minkey’s room today, I retrieved a wooden clipboard, and my very old jewellery box – both perfect for altering!

So well, coffee, and try a bit of tidying I think.

By the by, I have to say that Hero Arts Sunny lowercase alphabet RAWWWKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Galaxy Girl


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Everwood play by play………..

2 episodes in one : a quick, very quick summary:

Rose (Mother to Amy & Bright, Wife of Dr Abbott) has cancer ; Ephram is not over the baby thing and has split permanently with Amy, and is still not talking to his Father (Dr Brown), Nina has split with Dr Jake. Dr Brown is falling for Nina, and Nina has no idea.

Ephram has sold all of his expensive equipment (including the Baby Grand) and is off to England on the proceeds. His father is less than happy.

Hannah is going out with Topher, and Bright is falling for Hannah.


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