A successful Mission 2 for Tiddly……….

and I think it’s Day 5 of Galaxy Invasion plan, but have to admit to not keeping proper track of it – progress is being made though!

My Smallest Minkey (aka Tiddly) did fantastically well yesterday on her second Scuba Seal Team Mission – she did have a small problemette with her mask being a bit too big and filling up with water when she had to take her regulator out at the bottom of the pool as her speciality for that dive. I think she paniked the first couple of times, and came straight to the surface, but after some fantastic coaching from her Instructor (they are all really great and love teaching kids at the Dive Machine), she managed. Her Dive Buddy, Harrison, who is the same age, managed superbly too and completed his mission as well – I also happen to know from a conversation in the car, that my Minkey things he is “lovely”. Do I sense a budding romance, he likes the same things as her, is Prehistoric Park mad, and even does the same kind of funny voices!

They have even arranged to do the next Mission together in September.

Picture, BTW, is Minkey last Chrismas, taken at her Grandparents.

Talking of which, we are off around 11’ish to drive to Northiam to pick them up, and then heading out after a quick sandwich to Eastbourne and the Grand Hotel for a Champagne High Tea. This wee trip is celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary, which was in July. I know we already attended the lunch, but we wanted to do something personal for them, and as they pretty much have everything, it was difficult to find something – so this seemed something they would enjoy.

Okay, I need to finish up here, jump in the shower and organise us all in our best big and tuckers…………

Galaxy Girl



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2 responses to “A successful Mission 2 for Tiddly……….

  1. Hysteri-CAL

    What is the invasion plan ??

  2. oOcarrieOo

    Yeah – I want to know too!!! ???

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