House for sale, set in c. 12 acres of orchard & paddock..

in the Kentish countryside at Ightham.

That was quick the agent has got the details on the site already He turned up yesterday to take some photos, and really they are quite good. Kitchen and conservatory are fine, just a shame about my drawing board in the picture of the conservatory. Yes, they really are as big as they look in the photos too. Our house is like the TARDIS, it really doesn’t look that big, when is a different matter when you get inside, and people always comment on that fact.

We’ve been here for 14 years and love the place, and will be sorry to move on and the only reason we are doing so is to be closer to the Slave’s gainful employment – he has a huge drive when he’s in the office, and mega problems with transport to the airport when he jets off around the world fixing his equipment.

This weekend we are mainly househunting, with a bit of duck racing thrown in. Slave is topping the paddocks this morning, and I am taking Minkey to splash time.

On a TV note, K9 is back! How excited am I!!!!!

Shopfront: Flip-Flops by Paper Loft are in, all orders done and dusted.

Galaxy Girl

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One response to “House for sale, set in c. 12 acres of orchard & paddock..

  1. Sally

    wow Kym. What a Fab house. Bet you will be sorry to leave. (Didnt see a piccie of your scraproom Where will you be moving to? Come to Swindon, we have a great lot of scrapping gals.

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