Well, finally taken the leap and firmly put our property…

on the market. Parental Control and I skipped over to Hadlow to sign the paperwork, the “for sale” sign should be going up tomorrow and the agent is coming over on Friday to do measuring and photography work.

In the end we have actually gone with http://www.equusproperty.co.uk/ – after a lorralorra discussion betwixt and between us, cos in this area and at the price if you have horses and therefore want land, they are the agent that people go to first. In the early days when we were hoovering in an undecided manner we had thought FPD Savills or Lane Fox, when we ran into the problem of people coming from London with plenty of money, but not a single clue about how big an acre is let alone the 12 we have. It’s a relief now that we have taken the firm plunge rather than go down the route of letting it be know that it would be on the market if anyone was interested. There will not be a marketing campaign, stress beyond belief trying to make the kidlets/teenage weirwolf keep their areas tidy, and a certain scrapper keep her stash in order, but fingers crossed that we can get this sold off pronto and move on to life with no land, but plenty of cash to flash on stock and a decent office/workshop area for demo-ing.

Shopfront news: I have had a HUGE and heated [very actually because {excuse my language, look away if you get offended} they have pissed me off with yet again unbelievably bad service which impacts on my customers]!!!!!

Yet again having waited for one particular supplier to get their finger out of the backside and send off my order they have used the crapiest of crap poo pooey sh1T couriers known to man who don’t even try to deliver, but simply tell you nobody was in when there was. ARGYHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! phew, calm breaving, apologies for the very bad language, attidude etc dearest bloggers.

Anyhoo, only this one Wizard left, which they assure me will be here tomorrow and will go off, with I have to say suitable recompense for it being so late, lovey preggies lady that is waiting for it. I am so, so, so sorry – as you can see from how wound up I have got, that I do care extremely about my customers and the goods they have shelled out their hard earned for and I am not a crappy retailer and I take it personally that they have such a dreadful customer service attitude.

All the other orders that have come in this afternoon (or were waiting for bits and pieces) have now been today /are going to be despatched at Post Office Earth tomorrow.

I have made a start on tidying scrap area, and am certain sure that I will finally get my accounts to the Accountant this week (ish)!

Good night dear bloggettes, and if you are in the market for a lovely 5 bed challet in 12 acres of Kentish paddocks and orchards with 5 stables, and foundations for 5 more, then I’m ya gal.

Galaxy Girl

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